Monday, June 3, 2019

76 Pinto over winter IV

Still waiting on parts so I tossed the old factory door panels that were literally falling apart and made some door panels out of some aluminum sheet, then jeweled or engine turned them.

Waiting on my C4 valve body to get back from Oregon for a manual/reverse pattern conversion I decided that

#1. I wasn't spending $400 for a ready made shifter
#2. I didn't like the choices available
#3. I didn't like how they were cable operated and the cable was right next to the header on the drivers side.

SO, I took the factory shifter and made it manual with reverse lock out, and reground the shift ramp so I can shift it without lifting the lock.

I busted the plastic factory base/cover all to hell so Mike made me an aluminum cover that looks close to stock out of so scrap sheet I had laying around. He was teaching himself to TIG aluminum with his new toy.

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