Monday, June 17, 2019

Rusty Crusty 2

After a few hours of grinding the screw heads off of the old screws used to hold down the old patch work, 3 layers thick and not a welded patch in the bunch.

I trimmed away the most severe cancer to get to somewhat better metal.

Still have a lot of cleaning and trimming, but here is where it is to date.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Rusty Crusty............It Begins

1953 Henry J Corsair, it's rusty, it's crusty, and since 1974 when I seen my first one all jacked up with big tires I have wanted one. It only took 45yrs, but I got one.

First order of business fix the rockers and floor, make it strong enough to remove from the frame so frame work can begin.

After I got the doors off here is what I started with, old patches on top of old patches, on top of old patches.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Pony's future and a new stable mate to keep her company.

Maybe late summer-fall, I just finished making the throttle plate, filter tops, and bases.

I picked up a new stable mate for the Little Pony, will probably get started a little bit at a time with winter being the work season.

1953 Henry J Corsair.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

76 Pinto over winter VI

Spring is close now and a few warm days got me really motivated, so I made the pieces for an overflow tank and Mike welded them up for me.

Needed a better cooling system so I added a larger (thicker) radiator, went to aluminum instead of copper/brass. I have to cut out the top cross radiator brace to fit the new radiator in and keep it away from the water pump, hence the fabbed brace. I found a gilmer drive for the 302 so I figured I would give it a try, can't hardly see it. It doesn't whine, or if it does the timing gear drive is much louder so I don't notice it.

Had to add some tunes, so like the 80's the speakers went across the back window. I did break era correct on the sub woofer and amp, but it sounds so much better with it.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

77 Mustang II Ghia Part II

Mike got the scoop fitted and the hole cut, however the usual underside edge is not and easy dress up.

The answer he went with was basically a cover, or frame to hide the cut edge, looks good to me.

A little prime.

 The fenders, hood, doors got a new color.

76 Pinto over winter V

Next up I wanted a deeper transmission pan with a drain plug, however they are all too expensive and I got plenty of time, so I rehabbed the pan, added a drain plug, and made a spacer to drop it down an inch. I gained a quart of fluid capacity and used a factory Bronco deep pan filter.

The tabs with the grommets are part of my line routing of the fuel, and trans cooling lines up the middle of the car away from the headers, but still well above the scrub line.

A few pieces of split hose at the rub points protects the stainless braided hose and also keeps the same from sawing a notch in the cross member.

Monday, June 3, 2019

76 Pinto over winter IV

Still waiting on parts so I tossed the old factory door panels that were literally falling apart and made some door panels out of some aluminum sheet, then jeweled or engine turned them.

Waiting on my C4 valve body to get back from Oregon for a manual/reverse pattern conversion I decided that

#1. I wasn't spending $400 for a ready made shifter
#2. I didn't like the choices available
#3. I didn't like how they were cable operated and the cable was right next to the header on the drivers side.

SO, I took the factory shifter and made it manual with reverse lock out, and reground the shift ramp so I can shift it without lifting the lock.

I busted the plastic factory base/cover all to hell so Mike made me an aluminum cover that looks close to stock out of so scrap sheet I had laying around. He was teaching himself to TIG aluminum with his new toy.

77 Mustang II Ghia Part I

Before pics, as purchased.

Mike got busy stripping to fix the rust and make a few changes.

Hood stripped and mocking up the functional hood scoop that will be added.